Sunday, September 25, 2005

Leather News From TLC

25/9/05 Latest offer from 'Far East Leather' Cow Split Suede (Wet Blue). Available at the incredible price of 1.08 - 1.13 USD per Square Foot. Check out their page listed at the top of my Home Page above. For their full range including Pig Splits. This is top quality leather on offer suitable for lining all leathergoods & shoes. Visit & while you are there browse all the other great offers especially the unique Craft Instruction Manuals. Be warned however there is a distinct danger of becoming an expert Craftsman/Artisan or Designer.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Leather Craft News

24/9/05 SPECIAL!!!! (Wow their practically giving it away)
Have you ever bought Italian cow leather at 0.65, or 0.35, or even 0.15 EUR/sqft ?????

(Note. From Francis). Don't Miss this one it wont last long There are videos of the 3 Warehouses full of leather to download. Sit back & view what's on offer but don't leave ordering to long. (Copy & Paste Links to view each Video Download) They are to big to set up on this site).
PS Make sure you get the 'Encoder' as well.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Leather News From The TLC

I have two new sign-ups on my 'The Leather Connection site this week offering Leathergoods & Tanned Fish Skins. This extends the range of commodities offered by the extensive membership on my site. For further info On where to reach them visit my site:

There is also a brand new service available from 'Italian Fashion Leather' If you are visiting a Trade Fair in Europe they will arrange everything for you, air fare, travel document, currency, hotel, transport to the exhibition, interpreter, etc A service I feel is long overdue.

There are also some videos available from my site, courtesy of 'Italian Fashion Leather' 4 Videos in all. Subjects: Stock Lots of leather pieces, (Off Cuts from the Shoe Industry). Sold in large plastic sacks, ideal for small items & Craft Workers. More info on my site.
Note these videos are available by request. Send me an email & I will forward this one or any of the other 3 by email. They are hefty downloads even by Broadband & are to large to put them on my site as direct downloads.

Sea Leather Wear. Basic entry under: Leather Tanners & Leather Suppliers & Leather Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls. Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Useful Contact Tanning Fish Skins, & Selling finished Leathergoods

Online Leather UK. Description: Charm Leather UK provides online leather including gents leather jackets, ladies leather jackets, leather handbags, leather luggage and other accessories. 10% off on all items for a limited time. Basic entry under Leather Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls.

Information on Fish Skins: Fish skins are less of a pollutant than other leathers because only the scales need to be taken off. The canneries normally take skins and dump them in the oceans where they become a pollutant. There are now laws aimed to stop over fishing to conserve stocks, there is an increase in Fish Farms around the World. Protection of endangered species exists. 99% of all skins turned into leather are the residue & waste from the food industry. If skins were not used pollution would be increased by the huge amount of Offal that was disposed of. The Laws & regulations are not perfect & are not strictly enforced everywhere but they are better than nothing.

Back to the Videos the other 3 relate to the following subjects:

A Shoe Sole Production Plant for Sale.
A Shoe Production Factory on Offer.
A selection of used Leather Machinery for sale, Again from the shoe industry.
Note. some of this machinery like sewing machines & skiving machines could also be used for leathergoods. This again could prove a cheap acquisition of some machinery for the beginner or small company.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Leather News.

I continue to make changes to the site as new companies join & existing Companies add new offers to their range of goods. As you can see from the two entries below, MPL have added some must have furniture that is in keeping with the popular 'Art Nouveau' trend, definitely a Must Have in that trendy Pad.

I have added some new resources to the 'Visitors Services' Page there is one traffic Generator that is worth considering. We all need visitors to our sites.

YouLucky Site. A brand new Traffic Generator, (Yes the title is a bit Naff) but it looks promising. There is a Free version & a Pro Version (You pay for extra features). The best part about this one is that you don't have to surf other sites to earn visitors to your site. You do have to recommend it to your own contacts though to get members on your own list, (so come on sign up under me) to get listed using the URL below Then get contacts of your own to sign under you to start your own lists. No it's not like a chain letter You also get other credits passed to you as bonuses. What do you get out of it? At the best more visitors & the possibility of some extra sales, Higher Rankings with the search engines. At worst nothing, no losses no gains. If you try it out like me using free membership you want loose any money either. To give it a go Click The Following URL.

Take a look at MPL Thailand's new Furniture Offer. From 1 Sep.,05., onward MPL will open a new shagreen furniture line which enable to take custom order for any type of shagreen furniture. Hemmaraja leg (swan leg) with shagreen table top in forest color coffee table.
Note From Francis. If you want to be one up on the Joneses then get one of these exquisite Coffee tables with tops covered in (Shagreen) Don't miss the Shagreen lined Copper Bowls either they are unique for pictures.

Associated Site. Mephisto Place.Com. Selling the World Famous Mephisto walking Shoes. To view these top Quality shoes. A Shopping Mall with a range of fashionable shoes that take the heath & well being of your feet as an important consideration. This site is well worth a visit.

You will find them all at