Sunday, June 04, 2006

Update On Hale & Co

It is some while now since I updater this Blog & things have been a bit hectic with many additions to the site & me desperately trying to finish the 4th Manual in the series. (Now well overdue).

Slow Progress is being made On the joint effort involving Hale & Co, but it is now possible to download two section of their Massive Catalogue direct from my site. I wont bore all readers with full detail as regards what is available as that is explained in detail on my site, including the page numbers to access. What I must stress however if you do download these free catalogues please do not take prices quoted as gospel. Prices flucturate & my copies are not up todate & if anyone is thinking of ordering tools you should check the current prices from Hale & Co's site.

To Download my Copies go to & click on the Hale & Co Page shown in the list at the top of my Home Page.

If you want to check out the current prices, go to; & follow the instructions to download their relevant sections of their massive Crafts Catalogue.