Friday, December 23, 2005

Shagreen Leathergoods From Thailand

New from MPL Thailand, Solid Silver Bangles with a Shagreen Insert. (Can be any colour Shagreen or two-tone). A great fashion line & ideal gifts for that special occasion. This coupled with the exquisit copper bowls, The Ocasional Tables & the Top Quality Leathergoods available from MPL Thailand made from Shagreen.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term Shagreen it is the Fashion term for Stingray Leather. With it's hardwearing surface structure, Pebbled grain & destinctive jewel mark it is now a Must Have fashion item favoured by Top Designers, Interior Decorators & Furniture Designers.

Stingray is a substainable speices & is caught as part of the food chain in the Far East & eaten much as we do with Skate in the Northern Hemisphere. Fishermen in that region used Stingray skins in their raw state as a substitute for sandpaper on their boats when building them & until it was realised that there was a comercial market for them these beutiful skins were destroyed as waste from the fishing & food industry. This applies to all the other skins availabl as they are farmed & killed for food in that region The disaster last Christmas made living, feeding & surviving even more dificult for the indigenous population of that ares of the Globe.

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