Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Leather News, Tools &top Quality Leather.

A Unique Service Provided By Hale & Co. & Supported by TLC.

The Crafts in general & in particular Leather Craft have been neglected & marginalised since the end of the last World War. Culminating in the lack of training facilities, qualifications, Supplies & Tools. The Leather Industry has suffered as well through neglect by a variety of Governments within the English speaking areas specifically & to a lesser degree elsewhere. All Craftsman/Artisan Shares the same interests, we share an affinity, use the same tools & materials & can converse happily on our given subject.

All This is about to change As Hale & Co. Supported By The Leather Connection, Selected Tool Manufacturers, Tanners & other Suppliers respond to the increasing demand for access to Crafts in general & a higher level of skills in Leather work as opposed to the usual low level available with Home Assembly Kits. Home Kits are fine as a starter but there will come a time when the serious student wishes to proceed to the next stage & create their own designs.
This is where Hale & Co. come in. Things are still at an early stage & you will all have to bear with us as we develop it further. At present There is a wide selection of Leather Working Tools Available. (Visit; ) This list is not conclusive As the production of some tools are still under negotiation. (Stitching Irons or Pricking Irons to give them their traditional name). I get lots of requests for these & Hale & Co. is pulling out all the stops to get some made that provide accurate spacing between the teeth as well as some matching pairs.
A selection of Top Quality hides are currently available & negotiations are taking place to offer & range of economically priced Exotic Leathers. Starter boxed tool kits will be available together with a copy of my Instruction Manual No.1 which covers all the basic techniques including Cutting & Costing. (These Last two important areas are not dealt with in any previous books on Leather Work but are essential if you wish to make a profit from your Leather Work).
In time Shops & Suppliers in designated areas will be established as well as Qualified Instructors & Assessors, (the latter will only be possible if a suitable body can be found to endorse a Leather Craft Qualification).

This is going to take time & will need the help & support of all interested parties. If you are as passionate about this Ancient Craft as we are then join us. For further information contact us & let us know about you & your special interests.