Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Updates from TLC

New services available to all Manual Users, visitors who have inquired about manuals, visitors who have signed up on-line & not left a comment & those kind visitors that said how much they appreciated the site. I also get a lot of calls & emails from the general public & business visitors with inquiries that could be answered by searching the Research & Reference section situated under the cave painting on my home page, headed; “Membership Categories” These lists rival Google’s DMOS list.

For those of you who are still wavering about purchasing my Manuals, you won’t find any other on-line publication offering this amount of craft skills & technology & the personal backup by phone or email is in line with most Governments e-learning requirements. My background as a College HOD & City & Guilds Moderator for their now defunct leathergoods courses endorses my claim that the full set of manuals are equal to a 2 year full time college course. I can say that with conviction as I was involved with constructing that old course & delivering it.

I have a new Blog which I am using as an on-line news letter please link to it to read new site info as it gets added, I hope to post to it once every two weeks. read it at; . there is also another Blog that might prove interesting on search Big Daddy's Blog Landing site. This one traces the history of leather from it's early use by Homo Sapiens to Stone Age Man & beyond. I am at present unable to convert this to an RSS Feed but the following URL will take you to Google’s link to the Blog Landing entry; (you will need to copy & past it into a search box). The article differs a bit from the Anthropologists view as I wrote it from my understanding of Leather.

I you are interested in signing up to use Search Big Daddy’s Search box & get paid for just searching (you get credits which can be converted into cash) Then just use this link; This is a new Search Engine & On-line Service which has been on line for less than a year but it is growing fast & will eventually rival the big three of Google, Yahoo & MSN. Why should I believe this? Well apart from all the new services they offer there is one major difference, Search Big Daddy pay you to search the Internet using their search engine. No one else does that; you can build up points which are convertible into cash. If you have a web site you can also purchase Key Words which give you top places in your chosen area of expertise. You can also purchase key words or key Phrases which are displayed on Splash Pages, I have got some & they are producing more visitors & customers. To sign up click the following link.

Search Big Daddy’s list of benefits you can take advantage of when you sign up;
Blog Landing Page, free service with an account, this is easy to use & gives similar features to Google’s Blogger.
Big Daddy Friends, This is a closed environment only available to Search Big Daddy members. You create a profile & can pick & choose who you accept on your list. It is an opportunity to correspond with like minded members.
Support Desk, this one gets answered quickly & is easy to use.
Members Forum, Good & lots of topics.
Search Big Daddy’s answer to YouTube Yes you can load you own videos there providing you are a signed up member.
A City Key Word Manager, This is waiting to be launched, sign up & get your own local city, recruit local Businesses & sell them key Words on your local Splash Page (like a bulletin board or the Add’s section of a Local Paper or Local Yellow Pages). Someone clicks the link & that business advert is displayed.

A New on-line co-operation has been slowly developing between Hale & Co. an American Leather & Leather Tool Distributor & The leather Connection. Setting this up has taken nearly a year & has involved sourcing tools that are in short supply, co-operation from a UK Tool Manufacturer to re-introduce missing tools, Plus an ongoing search for makers to supply some still missing tools from the proposed Professional Leather Workers Tool Kit. The Kit caries the information That it is recommended for use with my Manuals. The List is available as a download from the following Landing Page;

It is not required that you purchase all the tools listed as we realise that existing manual users may already have acquired a partial tool kit. Some of these tools are rather expensive, but no where near as dear as those in an Engineers Kit. The UK Tool Manufacturer has yet to start making these tools again, however whilst looking for patterns & dyes in an old warehouse boxes of finished & unfinished tools were found from the date shortly after the last war when the company stopped making them.

Among the available tools were Pricking Irons. These are always in short supply & once they are sold it will be some while before new ones are available. It is also uncertain if the current price will hold. Of the partially made tools A box of Plough Gauges was found un-assembled but with the Brass Roller missing. Rollers will shortly be made so that the Plough Gauges can be added to the kit. These tools are not cheap, but top quality tools never are. An engineer will have to pay 4 to 5 thou for their kit.

Yes there are cheaper tools which will suffice for the people that only make up the occasional home kit. But these will not stand the sort of heavy day to day use that an Artisan will put them to. In the past I have tested this type of tool & the main problem is that they are made from inferior steel, edges of punches curl when used on heavy leather, it is difficult to get an edge on knives, stitching awls are soft & the points bend in use. I am aware that good quality tools can be damaged by poor usage but my Manual No.1 deals with that subject.

One important Item that is still missing is a Stitching Clamp To help out I have designed a Temporary Stitching Clamp & that is also available as a download from the above Landing Page. We are now in the process of developing traditional Stitching Clams like the very old ones I inherited from my Great Grandfather & we have already produced some excellent proto-type Loop Clamps these could soon be available. Some Buck Fat (as we used to call it) has also been created, this is far superior for sealing & burnishing raw edges of leather after staining than the Dubbing & other hard Wax finishes that are now sold.


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