Friday, September 16, 2005

Leather News From The TLC

I have two new sign-ups on my 'The Leather Connection site this week offering Leathergoods & Tanned Fish Skins. This extends the range of commodities offered by the extensive membership on my site. For further info On where to reach them visit my site:

There is also a brand new service available from 'Italian Fashion Leather' If you are visiting a Trade Fair in Europe they will arrange everything for you, air fare, travel document, currency, hotel, transport to the exhibition, interpreter, etc A service I feel is long overdue.

There are also some videos available from my site, courtesy of 'Italian Fashion Leather' 4 Videos in all. Subjects: Stock Lots of leather pieces, (Off Cuts from the Shoe Industry). Sold in large plastic sacks, ideal for small items & Craft Workers. More info on my site.
Note these videos are available by request. Send me an email & I will forward this one or any of the other 3 by email. They are hefty downloads even by Broadband & are to large to put them on my site as direct downloads.

Sea Leather Wear. Basic entry under: Leather Tanners & Leather Suppliers & Leather Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls. Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Useful Contact Tanning Fish Skins, & Selling finished Leathergoods

Online Leather UK. Description: Charm Leather UK provides online leather including gents leather jackets, ladies leather jackets, leather handbags, leather luggage and other accessories. 10% off on all items for a limited time. Basic entry under Leather Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls.

Information on Fish Skins: Fish skins are less of a pollutant than other leathers because only the scales need to be taken off. The canneries normally take skins and dump them in the oceans where they become a pollutant. There are now laws aimed to stop over fishing to conserve stocks, there is an increase in Fish Farms around the World. Protection of endangered species exists. 99% of all skins turned into leather are the residue & waste from the food industry. If skins were not used pollution would be increased by the huge amount of Offal that was disposed of. The Laws & regulations are not perfect & are not strictly enforced everywhere but they are better than nothing.

Back to the Videos the other 3 relate to the following subjects:

A Shoe Sole Production Plant for Sale.
A Shoe Production Factory on Offer.
A selection of used Leather Machinery for sale, Again from the shoe industry.
Note. some of this machinery like sewing machines & skiving machines could also be used for leathergoods. This again could prove a cheap acquisition of some machinery for the beginner or small company.


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