Sunday, March 27, 2005

Leather Craft

There are two ways to learn a Craft. The hard way, and the easy way.

The 'Hard Way' Make lots of mistakes, keep trying, spend a lot of money, try to re-invent the wheel, loose customers and friends, waste a lot of time and materials and never quite become an expert.

The 'Easy Way' get help, (that's easier said than done these days). Colleges don't run the quality Craft Courses that used to be available these days and the highly skilled craftsmen are not available to teach on the few college courses that are run. There are a few skilled individuals however that offer some excellent short courses that can be found on my site. (view my site and see my recommendations).

These short courses are naturally expensive and you may well need to attend more than one session however they will on average only cost fractionally more than a full time 2 or 3 year full time course. They will be more intense and you will be able to space them out and attend them when you can afford them, you will in fact be able to work and save up for each one. Most will have course material and handouts to cut down on wasted note taking time which on short courses eats into learning time. Some of the better Short Course providers have their own copies of my Craft Instruction Manuals and are basing their Leather Craft Courses round them.

There is a 'Third Way' Get your own set of Leather Instruction Manuals & also book one of these recommended Short Courses. You will have far more detail than you could possibly take down as course notes, reading the manuals after a course will reinforce all you have learnt and explain the practices you were not sure of. Once you have finished the course you will be able to use the manuals to back up your own trial projects and you will be better prepared when you book for your future Short Courses.

Some student on short courses and college courses are actually doing this, they have their own manuals and are reporting that it is giving them an advantage over the other students as they understand what is being demonstrated. The two students on the college courses report that the manuals are far in advance of what is being taught at their colleges. They are however keeping the use of the manuals to themselves and I don't blame them College Lecturers are well known for borrowing and copying material.

The Craftsmen running the short courses will be better skilled however and wont need to resort to this practice. Indeed many of them will be recommending that is you don't have them you purchase them before your next course. In my next post I will list what I think are the best providers of short courses.


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