Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Leather Craft

I mentioned Leather Courses and Leather Training, so where can you access a comprehensive list of available courses & training? Visit http://www.theleatherconnection.com/id31.htm I may not have every one listed that is available around the World but there should be something for everyone.

There are many excellent books published on this subject for those that wish to read about this subject which cover all aspects of this diverse subject. I have included publishers & authors together with an overview of most of them. Subjects dealt with, Leathergoods, Footwear, Bookbinding, Saddlery, Tooling, etc. Visit http://www.theleatherconnection.com/id30.htm

Leather Instruction Manuals. With my background in the UK Leather Industry which was mostly spent at the high class end of the craft, my time in industrial training, lecturing at a London college & as a Head of Department and finally as City & Guilds Moderator. I decided to put the extensive skills that I possess down on paper. To this end after retirement I started to write a book on this subject, it soon became apparent that this was not all going to fit into one book the obvious choice was a range of books or manuals. The obvious vehicle to reach a World wide public was the emerging internet, that meant learning to use a computer and building a site. This I set out to do eventually finishing the first two manuals for sale on my own site. These manuals along with the third one in the series can be viewed and purchased, see, http://www.theleatherconnection.com/id22.htm

As stated three of these manuals are now finished and available as loose leaf folders. They have also been produced as e-books and will be available as down-loads shortly. The fourth manual is about half written with a further three to write, making a total of seven manuals in all. This project when finished will produce a leather craft encyclopedia being the first of it's kind related to this subject and a fitting subject to leave to posterity. The subjects covered are all fully described on my site but I will give a full description of them in my next blog.


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