Thursday, July 28, 2005

Leather Craft

We can now offer all 3 finished Leather Craft Instruction Manuals for sale as downloads from our site. See the Sales Page, 'Leather Instruction Manuals as Downloads' We have linked up with who are providing the payment & marketing service although the actual payments are still taken by PayPal. Visit our Sales Page & get one or all 3 e-books, you wont be disappointed. They are comprehensive & take the user through all stages & divisions of this ancient & fascinating Craft. These Manuals fit in with Government requirements for
e-learning & can be likened to an Open University of Leather Craft, indeed they are more than equal to a 2 year full time College Craft Course.

You can learn from the comfort of your home, even work at home in your own work shop (Many already do just that. There is a lot to learn & assimilate & a certain amount of self motivation is called for but you will acquire life time skills that ensure you can always make a living. You will not be left to struggle on your own as help is just an email away & it is Free To learn more Visit


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