Sunday, June 12, 2005

More About Leather Care

This is a subject that the 'General Public' has little knowledge of, or experience of. To provide some more help with this I have just added a new UK based company to my site. They have many years experience in the commercial side of the Leather & Wood Care business & have in recent years launched a service to the public with a range of treatments suitable for home users.

These are suitable for: car seats saddles, motor cycle leathers, books, luggage, furniture, etc. There is a full page devoted to their product range on my site with direct links to their site by a live URL so that visitors can go straight to their site. For more information visit & on the home page click on,
'Furniture Clinic For Furniture Care' (listed at the top of the page). This company provides instructions & help with all products. (For prompt service quote Ref: FB-M).


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