Friday, July 01, 2005

Stingray Leathergoods (Shagreen)

Availability of Leathergoods made from Stingray Skins.

Since the exhibition at the Victoria & Albert museum in London there has bee a resurgence of interest in the use of Shagreen, (Stingray). It is now being widely used by interior designers, in the corporate offices of large companies & in the homes of the well to do. Since our introduction of the high quality skins from MPL Thailand, (see earlier post). We are also now seeing more fashion conscious customers purchasing Leathergoods in this attractive & fashionable skin. However this need not be restricted to the 'Well To Do' as Shagreen leathergoods are not beyond the reach of the more Astute Shopper.

In fact our Associate Company, Roje Stingray Leather 350 Bay Street, Suite 100-108, San Francisco, CA 94133, Tel; 1-866-309-4488. e-mail: URL: Offer a range of high quality Stingray Leathergoods products. You can visit their site at the above URL. (Contact: Jeremiah Kapp). But if you use the link provided on my site & quote Ref: TLC. A discount of 5% on all articles purchased is available. Note. This is a special offer to Customers from


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