Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Leather News.

I continue to make changes to the site as new companies join & existing Companies add new offers to their range of goods. As you can see from the two entries below, MPL have added some must have furniture that is in keeping with the popular 'Art Nouveau' trend, definitely a Must Have in that trendy Pad.

I have added some new resources to the 'Visitors Services' Page there is one traffic Generator that is worth considering. We all need visitors to our sites.

YouLucky Site. A brand new Traffic Generator, (Yes the title is a bit Naff) but it looks promising. There is a Free version & a Pro Version (You pay for extra features). The best part about this one is that you don't have to surf other sites to earn visitors to your site. You do have to recommend it to your own contacts though to get members on your own list, (so come on sign up under me) to get listed using the URL below Then get contacts of your own to sign under you to start your own lists. No it's not like a chain letter You also get other credits passed to you as bonuses. What do you get out of it? At the best more visitors & the possibility of some extra sales, Higher Rankings with the search engines. At worst nothing, no losses no gains. If you try it out like me using free membership you want loose any money either. To give it a go Click The Following URL.

Take a look at MPL Thailand's new Furniture Offer. From 1 Sep.,05., onward MPL will open a new shagreen furniture line which enable to take custom order for any type of shagreen furniture. Hemmaraja leg (swan leg) with shagreen table top in forest color coffee table.
Note From Francis. If you want to be one up on the Joneses then get one of these exquisite Coffee tables with tops covered in (Shagreen) Don't miss the Shagreen lined Copper Bowls either they are unique for pictures.

Associated Site. Mephisto Place.Com. Selling the World Famous Mephisto walking Shoes. To view these top Quality shoes. A Shopping Mall with a range of fashionable shoes that take the heath & well being of your feet as an important consideration. This site is well worth a visit.

You will find them all at


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