Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Exotic Leathers

There is an increase in the use of exotic skins produced in the far east by Leather Goods Manufacturers, Fashion Designers, Interior Designers, Furniture Designers, etc. in Paris, London, New York & other major fashion centres. What is of interest is that all these skins are a by- product of the food industry in that area of the globe & until a few years ago were discarded as waste.

TLC in conjunction with MPL (Thailand) offer a large range of these skins as well as a selection of leather Goods, Furniture, Footwear, Jewelery, etc. The lists are now too long to confine to one page & we at TLC have separated the Finished Goods From the Exotic Skins & created a new page for them on the site.

To view this range of highly fashionable creations go to http://www.theleatherconnection.com & look for the Leathergoods offered by TLC & MPL Made from Shagreen & other Exotic Leathers, in the list at the top of the home page.

There are some solid Silver Bangles with Shagreed insets, Shagreen Watch Straps, Oriental Coffee Tables with Shagreen Covered Tops, & a vast Range of leathergoods Made from Shagreen & other Exotic Leathers.

Shagreen is a fashion term for the hard wearing skin of the Stingray a fish caught in the Far East for food. (Much as we do in the North with Skate). But unlike skate these skins are now Tanned & put to good use. Before this was done the skins were like Skate discarded as waste. However the local fishermen always kept some to use as a substitute for Sandpaper when building their boats. Yes stingray skin in it's raw state is that hard.

Once tanned the beauty of the pebbled grain & the Jewel Pattern are stunningly effective & definitely a must have item for the fashion conscious. For more information contact us at the above URL.